Safe Jewelry

Barbell Comparison
The first barbell is an example from our studio. Note that the post itself is not threaded. This is an example of an internally threaded bar. The threads are on the ball instead of the post. This allows for comfortable insertion without damage to tissue. Also note that the bar contains no gap between post and ball.
This is an example of an externally threaded barbell. Notice the sharpness of the threads which will certainly damage the tissue upon insertion or removal of the jewelry. Material content for the piece is unknown, and balls are ill fitted allowing for a gap between post and ball. Such gaps can harbor bacteria.   

What threading do we prefer for your bars?

1.2mm for 14 and 12g
0-80 for 10 and 8g
2-56 for 6g
4-40 for 4g
5-40 for 2g
6-32 for 0g
8-32 for 00g