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    • Stop by and see how The Exotic Body can help you with your tattoo & piercing needs.
    • Mike got to do this awesome #daithpiercing on one of our amazing clients. He used a @industrialstrength #priumcaptive doesn't it look beautiful! @jdplumeria @iscjonny @doblebou @samantha_kodani #916piercing #wearefancynow
    • @samantha_kodani got to do this amazing piercing today with a @maria_tash clicker. #wearefancynow #upgrademypiercing #piercingjewelry #916piercing #daithpiercing
    • Samantha got to do this awesome piercing with the new IS mini Prium. Stop by and get one for yourself. #appmember #piercing #piercingsacramento #upgradeyourpiercing #916piercing #industrialstrength #industrialstrengthbodyjewelry #isbodyjewelry @industrialstrength @iscjonny @jdplumeria @samantha_kodani @doblebou
    • Well today is the day. March 14, 1990 was my first day starting The Exotic Body. That makes it 27 years’ boys and girls. I started the exotic body is a part-time gig. I was acting in San Francisco in a drug and alcohol intervention theater. I saw a friend that had a new tattoo shop in Sacramento that just opened. They didn’t have a piercer and I recently got into piercing and it really changed my life. The wonderful Vaughn from body manipulations was kind enough to show me a few things as I got my piercings there. He showed me the basics and I was off and running. Sacramento did not have any piercing studios in it at all. A few guys pierced out of their house mostly just hacks and fetish piercers. That made The Exotic Body the very first piercing studio in Sacramento. I would come to Sacramento from San Francisco on Friday morning sleep on the floor of the tattoo shop and Pierce on the weekends going home Sunday night. I finally had enough money to move to Sacramento and pierced full-time seven days a week.
The Exotic Body grew and grew and grew to what we are today. It has been an amazing journey. Piercing has taken me around the world and back. I’ve trained people all over the United States, Japan and England and it has been a blessing. I still love what I do and look forward to coming to work every day. I can’t believe it’s been 27 years. I look forward to helping people and doing everything I can in the piercing industry for as long as I possibly can. I have made wonderful friends in this industry and it’s my pleasure to still be in it.
    • Today is a special day! My friend and colleague Samantha Kodani is celebrating 15 years for piercing. Today in 2002 Samantha finished my basic piercing seminar. She then went on to work in Sacramento for the last 14 year. 
She has now come full circle to work here at The Exotic Body! 
I must tell you how proud I am of Samantha! She is now a member of the Association of Personal Piercing and a valuable asset to us here at The Exotic Body. 
Samantha tries to improve herself every day! I am very lucky to play a small roll in helping such a great person!  #appmember #piercingsacramento #916piercing #mypiercersrock

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